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Privacy risks are indicated on a dashboard and one-click fixes are offered. Try it free for Chrome & Firefox.

Privacy Dashboard

Our powerful browser extension scans for privacy issues based on your Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn settings and take you directly to those settings you need to fix.

Privacy Defender app by Real.ME scans Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn privacy settings
Privacy Defender considers how much you use Facebook to figure out your Facebook Privacy Level

Smart and Powerful

Our algorithm considers how much you use Facebook, measured by how many Likes you add, how many Friends you have, how much time you spend. Based on this data we rank privacy settings by importance and figure out your Personal Privacy Level.

Deep Web Monitoring

Data brokers collect your private info to create and sell public profiles about you. Privacy Defender removes your data from the largest people databases on the Deep Web and continuously monitors the web to make sure that your personal info stays gone.

Privacy Defender by Real.ME helps you secure your personal info in social networks